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build "prospect ready"

Why do new prospects respond to some programs more readily than others? Perhaps it is because the attributes of some programs are easier for casual observers to visualize and understand, which makes it easier for the prospect to envision how their stakeholders might respond. Or that their impact is simply easier to understand.

In any case, it is essential to have a tight, concise suite of programs for prospects to consider. They may never see your Theory of Change, your Logic Models or your detailed work plans, but the more organized and complete your solutions portfolio appears to be, the more likely it is that new prospects will be able to grasp the possibilities. 

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A fundability assessment of your solutions portfolio can help identify ways to enhance the packaging and marketability of your programs to new prospects. And when it comes to corporate funders in particular, packaging, marketability and relevance to their stakeholders are very important considerations.

Focal Point Philanthropy Advisors can help assess your programs, develop recommendations for packaging with new prospects in mind, and get on-the-ground feedback from donors and prospects.

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