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multi-year success 

The key to multi-year funding is clarity. Clarity in terms of a focused effort and a tangible image of where your program or your organization intends to be in 3 years' time. It requires clear thinking in terms of your projected social impact, budgetary requirements and the risks and opportunities you anticipate facing along the way.

Your partner will also have a clear image in mind of multi-year success. How will they measure progress? It is vital to understand what they will ultimately look back on to say that their multi-year support has been more impactful for both parties than a series of single-year commitments. 

While in most cases organizations can't guarantee specific social outcomes, you can guarantee that your team will commit to a specific joint multi-year strategy with a donor that helps take your program and your funder where they are trying to go.

A single rowing competitor, a single rower in the early morning on the river. Soft sunrise

Focal Point Philanthropy Advisors can facilitate this visioning process and provide planning tools to help position your organization for more effective multi-year asks.

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