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Case for Support

The Case for Support is much more than a campaign tool. It informs (or should inform) the daily activities of your fundraising team.  The Case creates internal alignment on how best to describe the crisis in ways that are both compelling and approachable. It presents the essential value of your program solutions. It features references from the field and creates visual stories of impact. It inspires a sense of urgency to act. It conveys the emotion that drives your staff to excel and describes in some detail the new destinations that your organization needs critical funding in order to reach.


All of this relates directly to your fundraising team’s ability to communicate the giving opportunity effectively to new prospects. Why wouldn’t you want to arm them with the most current, most relevant, and most convincing information available, expressed in bold terms that are endorsed by the CEO?



Teamwork. Diverse Coworkers Working Together Using Laptop And Tablet Computers Sitting At

Focal Point Philanthropy Advisors can work with your top performers in Fundraising, Programs, Marketing, Policy, Advocacy and others - as well as with key donors and prospects – to develop, update and field test your Case for Support.

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