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Break through to a new level

of fundraising success.

Your programs are solid. Your work is impactful. You have a proven track record in your sector. So why aren’t more new donors funding your organization and why aren't your existing partners providing more multi-year funding?

Winning support from new donors comes down to solid preparation and confident, assertive prospecting to build the kind of fundraising pipeline that puts you in control. That means building a strong case for support, packaging your programs in ways that make it easier for donors to take action, being disciplined about your messaging, asking the right questions and listening carefully to the needs and goals of potential funders.

​Building deep commitment and securing multi-year funding streams requires that your partners understand your vision and appreciate what it will take in terms of funding over the next 3-5 years to capitalize on the program opportunities, mitigate the risks and withstand the inevitable headwinds along the way. Building deeper partnerships also requires a clear understanding of what your prospects are trying to accomplish with their giving and how you can help them succeed. Building their confidence in your ability to deliver results by implementing at a very high level is also essential to reinforcing your multi-year asks.

New Donors

Winning new Donors

Whether your organization is a well-known national nonprofit or a new startup, systematically engaging new-name prospects is essential. The development teams that are great at this have a few things in common: they operate from a solid foundation so they can approach new prospects with confidence, they listen carefully to donor feedback and they are systematic and relentless about maintaining a vigorous pace of outreach.

Build your
Case for Support

Keep it fresh

and make it urgent

Make your programs "prospect ready"

Packaging and marketability 

Help your board help you

New ways to engage

Accelerate your outreach

Pick up the prospecting pace

Building deeper partnerships

Perhaps your organization has been receiving modest support from a large donor each year. You’re grateful for their support, but you also know that they have much more capacity to give if you could only establish a more strategic relationship. So, what will it take to turn this series of separate gifts into a strategic long-term partnership?

Overlay your
strategic plans

Create a heat map for partnership planning 

Build a strong
activation strategy

Make it compelling and measurable

Sell a multi-year

Plan for social impact and partner outcomes 

Manage complex partnerships

Earn confidence for major initiatives 

Deeper Partnerships
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